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PaytoPaid providing platform where from you can run with technology. First of all we talking about payment point of view, collecting payments in school are more than just removing cash and check from schools. Cash can be… • Misplace • Stolen • Applied incorrectly • Another cause of bullying. We don’t want to lose good people over honest mistake. Let us know how we can help you to streamline the process and use the electronics tools available to you from PAYTOPAID. We can show you how to increase efficiencies, accuracy and communication. PAYTOPAID enable parents to pay fees and fund accounts quickly and easily online, permitting them to opt into and manage email reminder about their student’s account.

Parents Benefits

  • SMS and E-mail alerts for all events.
  • Timely reminders through email/SMS.
  • Monitor to daily records of their children
  • Better interaction with institutions management and faculties.
  • No need to plan, go and stand in queues in bank or counters
  • Reduce chances of Late Payment and late fine fee
  • Easy track of progress report and maintenance of child performance.
  • Track your child’s school transport on your gadget through our VTS facility.
  • Readily available information about Admission events through our Services.

Management Benifits

  • Availability of real time information with consolidated reports
  • Great- linkup with parents, staff & students
  • Easy and digital circulation of notice and events through SMS & E-mail.
  • No need of high cost server or firewall.
  • Ready ERP with free data migration.
  • Access system from anywhere any time.
  • Tracking, monitoring & control your school vehicles with GPS based complete vehicle tracking system.

Student Benifits

  • SMS and E-mail alerts for all events.
  • Better interaction with institutions, management and faculties.
  • Easy access to any kind of information, related to institute.
  • 24X7 supports related to apps
  • Book issue related information from library department.
  • Get Attendance progress on your gadget.
  •  Get assignments and daily home work on your gadget.